Rebecca Juro Show

Rebecca Juro Podcast 4-3-14 w/ Tiq Milan, Rich Ferraro, Cathy Renna



GLAAD's Tiq Milan, Sr. Media Strategist and Rich Ferraro, VP of Communications join Becky to offer their insights into RuPaul's Drag Race's use of transgender slurs. It's a rare look into the advocacy organization's operations and their transgender policy. Plus, we'll learn what can be done when media outlets step out of bounds. We're also honored to welcome Cathy Renna, GLAAD's former National News Media Director and current Senior VP at Target Cue, discussing Drag Race and the book release of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves. Great guests, news, Becky's rants and sizzling talk on this episode! Note: we're no longer able to include some music from the live show in Becky's podcasts, but the remarkable songs of our trans artists are streamed 24/7 at Q1dotFM on Live365! Fair Use Notice: This transformative remix work may contain fair use of copyrighted material as provided for in Section 107 of the US copyright law.