Rebecca Juro Show

Rebecca Juro Show - 3-20-14 w/guests Kelli Busey & Erin Rook



This intriguing new show celebrates March 20th, Universal Day of Happiness, the first day of Spring...and we note the passing of Rev. Fred Phelps. Becky discusses perceptions, exclusion and privilege with 2014 LGBT Media Convening participants Kelli Busey and Erin Rook. We thank them both for sharing their POV and furthering our understanding in their wide-ranging discussion. Plus, there's news and Becky's rants, queued up and ready to go! Fair Use Notice: This transformative remix work may contain fair use of copyrighted material as provided for in Section 107 of the US Copyright law. Opening and closing themes are provided with the kind support of Arlin Godwin and Delphinium Blue, available on iTunes. Thanks, Arlin.