Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

EP74: Stop Struggling and Start Living with Elfreda Pretorius



In this episode, I welcome Elfreda Pretorius, South African-born Canadian, wife, mom of 3, multiple best-selling author, thought leader and (reluctant) self-empowerment coach. Elfreda shares the significance of her family’s decision to emigrate on her study of self and the search for meaning and purpose in her life. She also talks about the importance of mastery of our thoughts, the use of imagination in creating the life we desire, and the priority of understanding Natural Law and the rules for the game of living. Elfreda is one of those people you could talk to for days and continue to soak up her wisdom - get a taste of that as you listen in to our conversation today. Join us now as we begin to create space... Important links from the show: • Keep in touch with Elfreda Pretorius through her website • Follow Elfreda on Facebook • Sign up to receive your COMPLIMENTARY copy of Christine’s ebook Releasing Stress, Anxiety and Worry and stay in touch with what she’s offering! • Work with Christine one-on-one