Love Sex Desire With Susana Frioni

Milf Life lessons from SPNKD Co-Founder, Mir.



Today I want to introduce you to a sexy mama of 3 and co-founder of SPNKD, an elegant adult playroom located in Antwerp, Belgium. Her name is Mir and this conversation is for the sexy mama’s out there who don’t do vanilla...or simply desire more kink in their relationship.  In this episode I ask Mir these questions: What inspired the creation of SPNKD? How do you balance motherhood, marriage, and business? What advice do you have for couples interested in kink? How open are you to family and friends about your kinky marriage? How has your sexuality evolved since becoming a mother? What does your kink life actually look like? How do you transition from kinky life to parent life? What are you currently exploring in the realms of love, sex and desire? What is your favourite sex toy? What is your favourite lingerie brand? I hope there is something here for you today.  One last thing, english is not Mir’s native language so this was a big deal for her (as it would be for any of us in her position) so I’m very gr