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Milf Life lessons from Doula Trainer, Angela Gallo.



Angela Gallo is a relatively new single divorced mother with two children hell-bent on creating an empire that empowers women. So far her empire includes: Training programs such as "The Dynamo Doula training" & "Visibility for Visionaries" A podcast "Slaying the status quo in total f*cking style" A book “The masks we wear: the obliteration of martyrdom, misogyny, and motherhood as we know it”. And an upcoming retreat "Radical Resurgence".   In the little time that I’ve known Angela, she’s made a lasting impression on me, so much so, that if I ever have more babies, I’d hire her to be my doula. Join our conversation and learn: What Angela is currently exploring in her own life as a woman-lover-mother How to powerfully navigate the transition from maiden to mother What it really means when we complain about not having enough time How to make the most of being a single mum 3 important questions you need to be discussing with your partner before baby arrives How to embrace the death of your identity Angela