The Lost Manuscript Frankenstein The Monster Arises

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Victor Frankenstein, inspired by the dreams of ancient alchemists and empowered by modern science, creates a humanoidq. It wanders alone into a hostile world, where fear of its size and ugliness subjects it to violence and ostracism, which in time it learns to blame upon its maker. As compensation for its suffering, it demands that he create a companion with whom to share its outcast life. Moved by the creature's account of its sufferings, the scientist agrees, but a long period of procrastination awakens doubts. In retaliation, the creature begins a campaign of vengeance.

There then follows a chase into the frozen north, which the creature prolongs so as to destroy his pursuer by exposure and exhaustion. This story, narrated by Victor, forms a frame surrounding the creature's tale of its wanderings and unhappy encounters with human beings. Victor's narrative is framed within a series of letters written by the young mariner who rescues him from an iceberg while engaged in his own ambitious scientific endeavor, searching for the North Pole. This novel was begun while the author and her lover, Percy Shelley, were in hiding on the shores of Lake Geneva, where they were the frequent guests of Lord Byron. The novel was published in 1818.

For everyone interested in the cultural significance of classical horror literature here is a once in a lifetime, must have audio event. Perfect for universities and all educational media.

Produced by Devin Lawerence

Edited by Macc Kay

Production executive Avalon Giuliano

ICON Intern Eden Giuliano

Music By AudioNautix With Their Kind Permission

©2020 Eden Garret Giuliano (P) Eden Garret Giuliano


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