In Search Of Emma \ En Busca De Emma (spanish Edition): Cómo Creamos Nuestra Familia

  • Autor: Armando Lucas Correa
  • Narrador: Antonio Raluy Zierold
  • Editor: HarperCollins USA
  • Duración: 7:47:16
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En busca de Emma is the moving story of two fathers that overcame all obstacles to bring their daughter into this world. A personal story of the building of a 21st century family. A universal story of love. This is the first book from the Editor-in-Chief of People en Español.

As the Editor-in-Chief of People en Español, the highest circulated Spanish-language magazine in the USA, Armando Correa knows a thing or two about glitz, celebrity, and glamour. Yet, missing from his life was the family he so yearned to create; the family that thanks to science, patience, and the most supportive community possible, he was finally able to bring into existence in his beautiful daughter Emma.

Using the trying, and costly, method of finding a surrogate to give birth to his daughter, readers come to know just how difficult a process it is for anyone wanting to become a parent. Blessed with a long-term partner, we see Armando’s hopes dashed time and again when the pregnancy fails to take. Until finally, the pregnancy does take, and their lives become filled with the expectations all parents feel (layered with nervousness, fear, absolute love) when their unborn baby is on the way.

The book is at once a beautiful and timely story told from the perspective of a man who always wanted to become a father, and whose understanding that his family may not be considered traditional in some circles, is in part the fuel that drives him.


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