Beth & Meg &...

Beth & Meg & Happy Holidays



Ho ho ho (WHAT'D YOU CALL US?!?!), and Merry, Happy, whatever it is you do or do not celebrate this time of year. We discuss a few things that appear on either Santa's naughty or nice list - things such as surgery-inducing tacos, the ethics of Amazon Prime,  and the tyranny of teacher gifts. Also, why Bethany is afraid to open her gift from her daughter, why microphones should have a restraining order against Matt Damon, and why Broadway is causing us to lose sleep. Lastly, when movie franchises break up their leads, when five year olds take the law into their own hands, why anyone chooses to be a confederate in Civil War reenactments, and crazy Christmas music. #chicostacos #amazonprime #knowyourplace #netneutrality #theoffice #netflix #kingkong #bradpitt #loveneverdiesunlessweneedasequel #thegrinch #minihandcuffs #phasersonbuckshot #foodismylovelanguage