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Politics, culture, history, crazy family stories - high brow or low, it's all fair game. Hosted by Bethany Jones and Megan Johnson, this is the program where two sisters discuss anything, everything, and nothing in particular until way past their bed time without Dad yelling to "keep it down in there!".


  • Beth & Meg & the Last Hurrah

    22/03/2023 Duración: 01min

    Thank you to all who have listened to us over the years and check us out now at our new venture, The Wasatch Temperance Hour. Love you all!

  • Beth and Meg and Something New

    16/03/2023 Duración: 07min

    It's been awhile, folks, and we have missed you! Now we have something new and exciting to share with you!

  • Beth & Meg & Toto

    18/03/2019 Duración: 22min

    This week we talk Valentine's tragedies, Alabama stereotypes, and why we would never be able to climb the corporate ladder in Japan. Also, Bethany has some very strong feelings about Toto. #it'sallgravybaby

  • Beth & Meg & The 2019 Oscars

    02/03/2019 Duración: 26min

    This week we talk about our second annual jaunt to New Orleans (the food, THE FOOD!!! BUTTER LOVE, BABY!), haunting Shane's man-crush, and the less-drama-than-last-year's Academy Awards ceremony. #shalalalalalalows

  • Beth & Meg & Important Questions

    18/01/2019 Duración: 30min

    This week we discuss who would play us in the live action version of our lives, the nuances between invisibility and invincibility, and what the best part of being Superman would be. And then things get dark...

  • Beth & Meg & a Big Stick

    04/01/2019 Duración: 48min

    It's the new year and it is time to discuss the tyranny of children's birthday parties, what movies we saw over the holiday break, and why Theodore Roosevelt was right about carrying a big stick. Also, what book we would be sworn into Congress with, our new favorite media figure, and really poorly thought out videos that hit the internet this week. And then we fix immigration. Just kidding.

  • Beth & Meg & the Plus Side

    21/12/2018 Duración: 34min

    This week we talk about how we are just like Aaron Sorkin, the worst bridezilla EVER, and the party Meg wants to throw that Bethany will never attend. Also why a couple of nuns need a Whoopie intervention, Meg's beef with Payless Shoe Source, and why we could all use a cheesy Gordita crunch right about now.

  • Beth & Meg & Reply All

    14/12/2018 Duración: 36min

    It's been a few weeks but we are back in business, reliving our lovely Thanksgiving celebration, gearing up for the craziness of Christmas, and lamenting the fact that people think we are so cool (snort, snort!). Also, what the state of Utah needs learn from Megan, why we are all speciests, and our offer to the Academy Awards. Oh, and Shane makes an unexpected appearance (tee-tee!)! #learntosayno #restingchurchface #funeralpotatoes #minionoftheantichrist #amusebouche

  • Beth & Meg & Code Grandma

    09/11/2018 Duración: 31min

    Today we talk about beloved children's television characters we can't stand, how to lose our vote, and why no one told you life was gonna be this way. Also where we want to spend our eternal slumber, how we flaunt our bling, and our requirements to sail on Titanic 2. Finally, why Nebraska is the best state ever.  And, by the way, the election is still not over in Arizona. #danieltiger #breakingnews #friends #flauntmywealth #drzhivago #codegrandma #wheredoyouspreadthem #titanic2 #BillyZane #cremebruleepotatoes

  • Beth & Meg & Scary Movies

    01/11/2018 Duración: 34min

    This week we talk about why physics can really kill a Halloween costume,  the tyranny of neighborhood gifts, and what Megan should expect at Bethany's Thanksgiving table. Then we talk movies that make our toes CURL! #halloween #we'renumber2 #clot #nevermore #driveyomommaloco #whipitgood #hungryman #salisburysteak #booyahbobcats 

  • Beth & Meg & the Cult of Disney

    25/10/2018 Duración: 34min

    This week we discuss Halloween Grinches, the expiration date on zeitgeist, and why people live in Florida. Also, the cult of Disney, bad tattoos, dicey weather coverage. #itsbetterthanCuba #JemandtheHolograms #Disneyland #PrincessBenjamin

  • Beth & Meg & a True Daily Double

    18/10/2018 Duración: 31min

    This week we talk about political figures who are CLEARLY stalking us, movies you should never rewatch, and our guide on how to win a game show while trying to maintain bladder control.  #FlopGun #TopThat #TheOffice #potentpotables #flatearth

  • Beth & Meg & 23andMe

    05/10/2018 Duración: 29min

    So it's the episode where we finally show how badly we missed the STEM education boat. We reveal the results of our 23andMe results and delve into the dark recesses of our DNA in a way that would make Watson and Crick cry. Also Megan makes a startling discovery about her own chromosomes that will shake you to the core. With laughter. #23andMe

  • Beth & Meg & Some Lovely Recommendations

    27/09/2018 Duración: 33min

    With our long break away, it's been awhile since we've discussed books and movies and we need to remedy this. Before that, though, we talk Serena, the most inappropriate Halloween costume EVER, and why we want to hang with Ryan Reynolds and not Mark Wahlberg. #fifthdimensionofhell #marathonnotasprint #FunkyBunch #checkyourprivelage #WolfHall #HillbillyElegy #GuernseyLiteraryandPotatoPeelSociety #TattooistofAuschwitz

  • Beth & Meg & Finding Our Happy Place Again

    12/09/2018 Duración: 56min

    You thought you were rid of us but we are like a bad penny and past indiscretions on Facebook - we always turn up.  To get back into the swing of things we talk Supreme Court nominations, the passing of John McCain, and why NPR owes the ninja community a BIG apology. Also, hear the breakdown of what we really want in a man (bon chicka wow wow). Never has spacial awareness and cord wrapping been so sexy...  And apologies, Bethany meant Merrick Garland and not Neal Gorsuch. AMATEUR!#botulismisourjam  #bravenewworld #Hadleys #Tillamook #thanksObama #kindergartenkills #myprivatehell #throwthevellum

  • Beth & Meg & Proof of Life

    27/04/2018 Duración: 44min

    It's been awhile but we are back, baby! We have so much to catch up on including current events so incredible they might even be considered UN-credible, Bethany and her beef with Sam Worthington, and the newest addition to the Royal Family. Also the most quotable movies, a delicious food that needs a new name, and how the USA has a bone to pick with UNESCO.  #glassify #avengersassemble #mendnets #jamfirst #teamJustin #teamEmmanuel #webroughtfrysauce #dadjeans #dothebustle #takethephysicalchallenge 

  • Beth & Meg & PyeongChang 2018

    02/03/2018 Duración: 53min

    The Winter Olympics are done and it is time to hash it all out and see if they have inspired us to get on that treadmill gathering dust in the corner (yeah, no). The highs, the lows, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, it was all there in South Korea for us to behold. Also, a discussion on school shootings in America.#bigmoney #pyeongchang2018 #USOC #USCurling #leanin

  • Beth & Meg & New Orleans

    08/02/2018 Duración: 01h06min

    This week we have a few suggestions for the Super Bowl halftime that involves less camouflage and a different JT, bemoan Facebook constantly reminding us of our age, and get hung up on which one of Anne Hathaway's princess role's Bethany is thinking of. We discuss the best songs to sing in the car, the greatest comedic movie of all time, and the passing of one of the greatest comedic television actors of the '90s. Finally we discuss the new love of our lives, the beautiful and magical city of New Orleans. #control #missjacksonifyourenasty #mcconaugheynow #johnmahoney #squarespace  #Tishismyspiritanimal #standtightstandstrong#cafebeignet #tujagues #shaya #italianbarrel #courtoftwosisters #restaurantaugust #snugharborjazzbistro #preservationhalljazzband  #columbiahouse #Godwasinthatjazzhall #nationalworldwar2museum #Frenchquarterphantoms #oakalleyplantation #whitneyplantation #faulknerhousebooks #neworleans #nola #mardigras

  • Beth & Meg & Derek & The Last Jedi

    25/01/2018 Duración: 56min

    SPOILER ALERT!!! While a little less relevant than this would have been a few weeks ago, we are here to discuss the latest installment of Star Wars, "The Last Jedi". Little brother Derek joins us on our annual jaunt through the world of lightsabers, impossible odds, and blatant product placement.  #OJinspace #whoisRey #MrsWiggins #beerpong  #mustbeinProvo #ReyRodhamRen #JediMindTrick #teenpregnancy  #TheLastJedi

  • Beth & Meg & Insanity

    11/01/2018 Duración: 51min

    It's 2018, y'all, and we go straight up controversial as we discuss snarky Christmas decor judging, why College Football needs to get its act together, and how Medieval Times is eschewing historical accuracy ("WENCH, BRING ME A FLAGON OF DIET PEPSI!") for girl power. Also, we ask for prayers for a man who may quickly regret his invitation to hang out with us, discuss which HOA might want to tighten up some of its regulations, and  realize for how many reasons we could be admitted to an insane asylum... in West Virginia... in the 1860s... #fahrenheitforthewin #Oprah2020 #yougetataxbreakandyougetataxbreak #UCF #slowclap #valentinesdayatmedievaltimes #winchestercathedral #prayersforShane #mahalo #12thman #fireforeffect #dontbeawoman

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