How To Play Pool: A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Pool, Billiards, 8 Ball, 9 Ball, & Snooker

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Take Your Pool Skills to the Next Level and Win Big!

Inside How to Play Pool, you’ll discover the rules for many popular variations of the game:

  • Eight-Ball

  • Nine-Ball

  • One-Pocket

  • and Snooker

With this book, you can strengthen your pool game with the right posture, physics, and geometry. You’ll learn to execute many different types of shots, such as straight, angled, and spin shots. For example, you’ll learn to combine top/back with left/right spin and get all kinds of impressive results!

How to Play Pool explains how you can use your cunning to plan ahead and out-strategize your opponents. You’ll find out why to use just the right amount of force to avoid reflections and “own” pockets. By targeting clumps of balls, you can set yourself up for a great endgame layout. If you pay close attention to the cue ball’s trajectory after it hits the target ball, you’ll set yourself up for shot after easy shot. With these simple and powerful pool-playing tips and techniques, you’ll dominate the table – and the competition!

You’ll even learn how to pull off a variety of crowd-pleasing trick shots:

  • Pocketing the Eight-Ball on the Break

  • Jumping Over Obstacles

  • Sinking the 4-in-a-Line Shot

Don’t wait – Take the plunge and become a pool shark today with How to Play Pool!

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