How To Play Go: A Beginners To Expert Guide To Learn The Game Of Go: An Instructional Book To Learning The Rules, Go Board, And Art Of The Game

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Discover the Fascinating Eastern Game That’s Lasted for Millennia!

What is Go?

Go is a deceptively simple two-player game, played on square boards of various sizes. According to legend, the Chinese Emperor Yau invented this game to teach his son concentration, balance, and discipline. Over time, this game spread to Japan – and across the globe. For over four millennia, war leaders and sages have consulted this game to learn strategy, wisdom, and mental mastery.

Inside How to Play Go, you’ll discover everything you need to know to play this ancient game. You’ll learn all the basics of capturing territory and pieces (including self-capture), handling dead stones, and mastering the endgame. This book explains the scoring system of Go – and how to grow from a beginner player to true mastery.

How to Play Go explains advanced Go concepts like the Ko Rule, Eyes, and Dead/Live Groups. You’ll discover Atari, Handicaps, Komi, Cutting, and much more!

Immerse yourself in a vast array of Go strategies:

  • Territory

  • Capturing

  • The Ladder and the Net

  • Good/Bad Shapes

  • Ponnuki

  • The Mouth

  • Connections, Stretching, and Diagonals

  • One-Point and Two-Point Jumps

  • The Knight Move and the Large Knight Move

With this information, you can master this mystical game and increase your mental power!