How To Play Canasta: A Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Canasta Card Game, Rules, Scoring & Strategies

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Master the Stylish and Refined Game of Canasta!

Inside How to Play Canasta, you’ll discover how to play this relatively new South American game. Invented in Montevideo, Uruguay, this game quickly spread to neighboring countries. The game’s inventors named it after canastillos, little baskets they used to sort out their cards. In the 1940s, Josephine Artayate de Veil introduced the game to Manhattan’s Regency Club – and the rest is history!

Canasta combines elements of Bridge and Rummy. This game is easy to learn, especially for players of these games. Players prefer Canasta because they can play individually and in pairs. This game uses two full decks of cards (including the jokers) and combines partnership play with point-scoring (jokers are worth the most points).

How to Play Canasta provides a thorough grounding in the rules and strategies of the game, including melds, red threes, and canastas. You’ll also find detailed descriptions of winning Canasta techniques:

  • Maximizing Your Opening Meld

  • Getting the Discard Pile

  • Playing in Pairs

  • Leveraging Dominant and Submissive Pairs

  • Freezing Discard Piles

  • “Going Out” at the End of a Hand

  • and Tallying Points

You’ll also gain access to a wealth of tips and tricks:

  • When NOT to meld

  • Fast Melding does and don’ts

  • When to force the game

  • How to maximize your points with safe cards

  • What to do with 7 wild cards

  • Why to avoid early canastas

  • When (and when not) to go out

  • and even Why not to bluff in Canasta

You’ll even learn popular variants like Modern American Canasta and Two Players Canasta!

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