Seek First the Kingdom A Spiritual Retreat with Fr. Anthony Gittins

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How would you like to take a retreat with one of the leading spiritual teachers in the country?

Fr. Anthony Gittins, Ph.D., is a world-renowned scholar who delivered the keynote address for the 2012 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. A teacher par excellence and scholar at the Catholic Theological Union, Fr. Gittins will guide you to deeper understanding about what it means to search for Christ in Seek First the Kingdom: A Spiritual Retreat.

Through ten 35-minute conferences, you will cover the most vital topics about what it means to live a Christian life today. You will explore such traditional themes as hope, the Holy Spirit, and spirituality. You will then look at such captivating topics as imagination, adventure, and growing old. Some conferences, like “Conversion,” will reexamine essential topics for lifelong Christians. Others, like “Community and Communitas” will introduce you to themes that may not be familiar to you. Finally, in “Do This in Memory of Me,” you will discover anew the words of Jesus.

In Seek First the Kingdom, you will find enlightenment about what it means to be a disciple of Christ today, as well as encouragement for your spiritual journey. Anyone with a hunger and thirst for God’s justice and God’s kingdom will treasure this course.

These audio conferences are impeccably crafted. Join Fr. Gittins on this powerful retreat series today.