Tales of Wonder Eighteen Magical Tales of Dreams, Destinies, Strangeness and Wonder

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Written in the dark days of World War I, join Lord Dunsany as he spreads the dreams that we cannot leave to die.

Dunsany was the most influential writer in the genre that came to be known as fantasy, which his stories set trends for that continue to this day.

Come along, for a dream of a mystical London, bawdy jokes that offend ghosts, swapping sins in Paris, and the strange tale of Why The Milkman Shudders As He Perceives The Dawn.

In this collection of twenty stories, you’ll find adventures at sea and the edge of the world, of Ali Baba come to the industrial hills of the Black Country, and take flight with strange run and gnome-brewed wines.

Dunsany was an influence on Tolkien, Lovecraft, Gaiman, Borges, Clarke, Moorcock, Yeats, Le Guin and many more besides. Worlds of monsters and magic, of strange names and stranger tales, were all born in Dunsany’s work.


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