A Lich's Love

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Uniter of Dena. Guardian of the people. Death Knight: Anthony gained a few titles.

So did the savior of the north, the Guardian princess; Aila Wranoris.

The gnomish engineer Tommie. The mad undead. Redeemer of kin, last of his bloodline, Damien. The reborn battle mage, the honorable Lich, high judge Claire.

It seems as if he stands in good company.

Titles, honors, awards. They are little consolation for the dead, a grim reminder and heavy weight for the living.

Peace is an aspiration a desire of all people. One that is paid for by the blood, tears and sacrifices of honorable men and women.

Honor, respect, love, it is earned, it is tested and it is a greater force than war, or even time.

A Lich’s love, tempered through time, through unimaginable trials. How strong must that be? How far would she be willing to go to save those held dear?


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