• 精讲[奇迹男孩]-切克闹check it out究竟是什么意思?ep3

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    Charlotte: I started when I was two. Local spots mostly. Then when I was three I booked my first national. Nestléquik. It was hard, because I'm lactose intolerant. Anyway, have you ever heardof a spit bucket?Julian: So this is our homeroom. We have Mr. Browne. Mymom says he's a little weird.Charlotte: Then I was in the chorus of the radio city musichall, Christmas spectacular. I auditioned for Annie onBroadway. I got two callbacks for Molly, but I guess they went in a differentdirection.Julian: Hey, Charlotte! Don't you ever stop talking? Sothis is the cafeteria. The food here is okay for school food. Or do you eatspecial food?Charlotte: Wow! This reminds me of my guest spot on law & order. Julian:  So thescience elective is supposably reallyhard. So you probably won't be spending much time here. No offense, but ifyou've never been in a real school before...Jack: Dude, he's been home schooled.Julian: Okay, I'm just saying. Science is supposablyreally hard. But you're taking it, too, right? Hey, maybe you

  • 精讲[奇迹男孩]-富二代英语怎么说?EP2

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    Mr.Tushman: Mrs. Pullman,so good to see you again. And you must be Auggie. What a pleasure tomeet you. I'm Mr. Tushman. You can laugh about that. Tushman. I've heard 'emall. Tushy. Butt man. Butt face. Mr. Tuchus.Mr.Tushman: And then in the spring, we have a science fair. And from what yourhome school teacher tells me, you'll get first prize.Isabel: Youhear that,Auggie?Mr.Tushman: Then right before graduation, whole class takes a trip toa nature reserve inPennsylvania. It is the highlightof the year. I promise you. Oh good, they're here.Auggie:     Who are they?Mr.Tushman: Well, I thought it would be helpful for you to meet someof our students'fore you start school, Auggie. what do you think?Auggie:     Other kids now?Mr.Tushman: They were in the elementary school so they know their wayaround and they'll give you a nice tour.Isabel:     It will be fine.Mr.Tushman: Auggie, this is Jack will, Julian, and Charlotte. Guys,this is Auggie Pullman.Charlotte:  Hi.Julian:     Hi.Jack: HeyAuggie: Meeting kids is harder

  • 精讲[奇迹男孩]- K12是哪12个K?EP1

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    Stardust, go ahead. Activate the v-10 recorder. Copy. Quarter activation complete. Copy. Thank you. Auggie:I know I'm not an ordinary 10-year-old kid. I mean, I do ordinary things. Eat ice cream. Ride my bike. I'm really good at playing sports. Well, on my Xbox. I love minecraft, science and dressing up for Halloween. I love to lightsaber fight with my dad. And watch star wars movies with him. And drive my big sister crazy. And dream about being in outer space, just like any ordinary kid. I just don't look ordinary when I'm doing these things. Not even my birth was ordinary. It was hilarious. Now, how can a birth be hilarious, you ask? A teenage doctor helps.  Doctors:  This is my first day. Isabel:   “Nate!” Auggie:A massive video camera also aids the situation. But to really be funny, you need what all the best jokes have. A punch line. Doctors:  “He's coming!” Isabel:   “Where's the baby going?,Go with the baby!’ Doctors: “You need to go, sir.’ Auggie: I've had 27 surgeries since then. They've helped me to

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