Mother Holle

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Brothers Grimm were popular collectors of fairy tales though their activity covered different areas. Their collection "Children's and Household Tales" belongs to treasures of the world literature. "Mother Holle" is a popular fairy tale by brothers Grimm. One widow had two daughters; one was beautiful and diligent, and another was ugly and lazy. But the lazy one was the widow's daughter and the other must do all work. She was Cinderella of the family. One day the girl dropped a shuttle in a well. So she must get fetch it out from the well. The girl jumped into the well and got to a lovely meadow. She came to a little house, where an old woman lived, who was Mother Holle. She helped the girl to solve her problem and offered her keep Mother Holle's house. How did the fairy tale end? Read "Mother Holle" to know it.