Children Be Your Best Self-Hypnosis for a Happy, Focused, Cooperative Child

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Self Hypnosis and guided imagery to teach children the powerful skill of self hypnosis to improve focus for school, sports and artistic performance, and to help reduce stress and enhance sleep.

Help your child discover their many talents and abilities through the power of the creative imagination!

Dear Parents and Teachers,

This guided imagery program for children of primary school age is a 15 minute meditation designed to enhance learning, academic performance and optimal behavior. This program can teach your child the qualities that build inner strength and self control through guided imagery. In an easy step-by-step method designed to enhance self esteem, your child can gain competency and build skills to boost academic performance and optimize behavior.

Do you want your child to: achieve Excellence, be their best improve their unique and natural skills, be attentive, employ self control, focus in class, sports, or other activities?

If your answer is “yes”, then invite your child to listen to this guided imagery audio regularly. It teaches your child to use and master their inner power technique. You can help your child remember the process of activating their inner power by reminding them of the following phrase.

The gifts to be discovered from the special phase Be Counting Four Real Special Gifts include:

  1. Excellent focus

  2. Self-control

  3. Determination

  4. Cooperative behavior

A note to the child:

Would you like to have the power to focus your mental energy at any time you want, like in class or when reading?

Would you like to have awesome concentration during sports, music or your other favorite activities?

Would you like to have the key to your own inner power to help you achieve your goals?

If your answer is yes, then just follow along with my voice, and I will teach you a technique that is designed to connect you to your inner power and show you that you are the one-the only one- who can make it happen.

It is easy, and you can use this technique no matter where you are to be your best!

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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