Art Of War: A Guide For Business [russian Edition]

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War and trade were accomplished by our ancestors in ancient times. Between these human activities there was no significant difference. The warrior engaged in trade, and the merchant was often a warrior. In war, there are unchecked and reckless practices. Ancient scholars have written entire treatises on the subject of war. They were taught how to achieve victory on the battlefield with minimal losses.
War and business are very similar. In both these areas, there are winners and losers, there are victories and defeats, there is an attack and negotiations, and the onslaught of persuasion. "Businessmen" of the ancient world used the art of war for trade development. But our contemporary military knowledge somehow is not as good. Perhaps because the most famous treatise on the art of war, by general Sun Tzu, was banned in the Soviet Union.
The book will introduce you to these ancient teachings which tell us how great ancient warfare techniques can be used in business today. But you can say, "I'm not interested, I'm not a businessman." Do not think so. If you think about it, each of us, whatever activity we undertake, must enter into certain transactions, to promote their ideas and change the beliefs of colleagues, family members, and others..
This book will teach you how to succeed in your career, how to establish family relationships, influencing people, changing their ideals, and, of course, it is great for business!