History Revealed: Socrates Episode 91

The Greek philospher's enquiring mind made him the most influential thinker in history but his uncompromising morals lead him to death at his own hands

220 Triathlon: Scottish Power Episode 5

An age-group squad run like an elite team? Genius! But with just one man at the helm, how much can really be achieved?

Get Into Sport: 10 Steps to Touring Episode 25

A bike is the ultimate way to enjoy the freedom of the open road. Here's all you need to know to enjoy a trouble-free touring trip.

Get Into Sport: In the Swim Episode 2

The pool is a great place to turn for relief from the stresses inflicted on your body by a tough workout on dry land

Who Do You Think You Are? Songs of Festive Joy Episode 60

Forget the tinsel and the flashy displays of consumerism – it’s carol singers who capture the true essence of Christmas.

Who Do You Think You Are? Reader's story: Detective work lead to Minstrels and Methodists Episode 59

Nicola Cooper’s research into her brother-in-law’s family uncovered seaside performers, petty criminals, juvenile delinquency and teetotallers

Who Do You Think You Are? My Family Hero: My Ancestor Fought at Waterloo Episode 26

One of history’s bloodiest battles took place 200 years ago this June. Dr David Moore’s 3x great grandfather risked his life in the fray…

Who Do You Think You Are? Behind the Headlines: 1785 First Edition of the Times Episode 58

When a new advertising sheet appeared on the streets of London, no one thought it would grow into a national institution.

Who Do You Think You Are? I Stood in the spot where they found her body Episode 39

Jane Seymour’s episode was a harrowing tale of two Jewish sisters’ survival in Nazi Europe during the Second World War. Claire Vaughan spoke to Jane and the crew about their...

Cycling Plus: Power List Episode 6

The Most Influential People in British Cycling Today

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