La Expedición de Sabina para Deterner el Apocalipsis

Después de muchas pruebas, Sabina se enfrenta a su némesis, Rangda. Pero, ¿sabina superará el mal que intenta detener?Después de haber detenido el malvado plan de Pierre...

The Banker and the Eagle The End of Democracy

Unhappy with the election outcome, the Banker plots to kill the US president. It is the year 2028, and the terrorist group Guns Against Globalism attacks the Factual News Network...

Juxtapositional Jenga

A flash fiction story about an Australian woman, who ends up in life and death situation while playing Jenga with a female cartel member in Peru.

Eternity Can Wait

A flash fiction story about Mark Silver, who is one the way to the maternity ward, when a landslide pushes his car off a cliff into a lake. Being close to dying, Mark meets with...

Ten Random and Very Short Stories

This anthology contains ten random short stories. Some are funny, some are chilling and most of them are plain weird:Contains the Following stories.100 Tinder Dates.A Fairy-Tale...

Library Shenanigans

A flash fiction story about a man on acid in a library coffee shop.

The Quest to Find Pachamama's Veil

A flash fiction story about a couple looking for ancient Incan artifact.

Sabina's Pursuit of the Holy Grail

Being reborn in the 21st century, Sabina must stop the apocalypse from happening in the 29th.Sabina is a gifted 18-year-old girl living in Sydney in the year 2037. She carries a...

Money Laundering in the Laundromat

A flash-fiction story about a man coming across a very peculiar laundromat.

Divine Space Gods II: Revolution for Dummies

Keila is the perfect revolutionary:Lacking things like intelligence, sanity or common sense,She has something far more important: plot armour and the telepathic help of Rangda,...

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