Doggy Tales

We are delighted to bring you a dog's view of the world humourously brought to life in 6 stories by E. Nesbit.

Stories and Rhymes

An entertaining selection of short stories and rhymes, perfect for bedtime.

5 Minute Short Stories for Children

A selection of stories to entertain 5 Minute Short Stories for Children by Beatrix Potter

The Poetry of Wales

A comprehensive collection of poetry celebrating Wales including contributions by W. H. David, Edward Thomas and Aneurin.

The Poetry of Henry Newbolt

Henry Newbolt's finest poetry including Vitaï Lampada.

The Very Best Classic Crime Short Stories

A timeless collection of crime short stories full of suspense and twists including stories by G. K. Chesteron, Edgar Wallace and Arthur Conan Doyle. Classic recordings read by...

The Metaphysical Poets

The metaphysical poets were a loose group of British lyric poets of the 17th century. In this collection read by Sir Cedric Harwicke, Robert Newton and David Moore are poems by...

A Christmas Carol

Orson Welles stars in this dramatisation of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.

The Poetry of Alexander Pope

A selection of Alexander Pope's finest poetry read by George Rylands, Peggy Ashcroft and Emma Topping.

The Poetry of Rudyard Kipling

A collection of Rudyard Kipling's finest poetry read by David Philo, Christopher Hassall, Emma Topping and Rudyard Kipling himself.

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