Peter and His Shadow Audiobook

Peter Pan has lost his shadow. Can Wendy Darling help him get it back? Introduce early readers to the character Peter Pan with this beautifully illustrated fiction reader. With...

The Three Little Pigs

Discover how strong the wolf must have been to blow down the houses of the little pigs in this unforgettable fairy tale.

The Gingerbread Man

Be motivated and inspired to learn basic math skills right alongside the adorable gingerbread man—if you can catch him!

The Tortoise and the Hare

Tortoise and Hare live in the woods with all their animal friends. Hare loves to hop and run very fast. It always boasts that it is the fastest and best in the woods. The other...

The Ugly Duckling Audiobook

Meet a fluffy little fellow who is not like any of the other ducklings! This beautifully illustrated fiction reader introduces children to the classic tale, The Ugly Duckling....

The Girl in the Mirror Audiobook

A girl and her cat examine their reflections in a mirror in this charmingly illustrated fiction reader. Early readers will learn the parts of the face including the nose, ears,...

The Emperor's New Clothes

This story tells about a vain and materialistic emperor while revealing the vast differences of our world.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This story tells the story of three billy goats and their attempts to outsmart the troll in order to reach the grass that grows in the meadow.

The Fox and the Crow

A hungry fox comes upon a crow sitting in a tree. The crow holds a piece of cheese in its beak. The fox would like to eat that cheese. Of course, the crow also wants to eat the...

John Henry

The race is on between railroad worker, Mighty John Henry, and a drilling machine, as both drill through a mountain to make way for the railroad. Find out who wins in this fun,...

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