Richard Fair

I'm always looking for new and interesting ways to tell a story through sound.Most of the audio on here will be featured with supporting material on the website.

Nigel Richards Live Dj Sets

A series of live mixes from Nigel's gigs around the globe.

Sir Nigel

Set in the middle of the fourteenth century, Sir Nigel is a swashbuckling story of the eponymous hero as he seeks his fortune and the hand of his lady-love in England and France...

Nigel Maestro

Its me Nigel Maestro, Aspiring Music Producer Of The Year!! This is my life, my journey! Come hang with me!

Nigel Fitsmaurice

Dont forget to join Nigel every Sunday from 8pm on


The reformation & the common good.

Dj Nigel O'reilly

Spinning everything that is house, techno and oldskool, Nigel takes his mixes through the most upfront beats including Funky and Deep, Electro and Progressive/Tech House to Nu...

Nigel Lane's Posts

Nigel Lane's recent posts to

Nigel Slater Podcast

Join Nigel Slater at home for a seasonal chat about food. Chocolate treats, veg and cheeses, fish, meat and many other tasty topics are discussed, in the Nigel Slater Podcast.

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