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Sunday morning service at RVBC Woodstock NB.

Gospel Preaching KJV

Saffell Missionary Baptist Church is a King James Bible believing church and we thank you for listening to preaching from Gods word.

Bible (KJV) 21: Ecclesiastes by KING JAMES VERSION (KJV)

The book of Ecclesiastes is a wonderful book. It tells how all mans doing is futile, if it is done in his own strength. The last two verses sum it up quite nicely: Let us hear the...

Bible (KJV) 20: Proverbs by KING JAMES VERSION (KJV)

The book of Proverbs is referred to as wisdom literature along with several others: the book of Job, Ecclesiastes, the Song of Solomon, and certain Psalms, known as wisdom psalms....


The Book of Job is one of the books of the Hebrew Bible. It relates the story of Job, his trials at the hands of Satan, his theological discussions with friends on the origins and...

Bible (KJV) 06: Joshua by KING JAMES VERSION (KJV)

The history of the Israelites from the death of Moses to the death of Joshua. (Summary by Joy Chan)

Bible (KJV) 05: Deuteronomy by KING JAMES VERSION (KJV)

Deuteronomy is the fifth book of the Hebrew Bible, and of the Jewish Torah/Pentateuch. The Hebrew title, [spoken] words, is taken from the opening phrase, These are the words...;...

Bible (KJV) 16: Nehemiah by KING JAMES VERSION (KJV)

The Book of Nehemiah is a book of the Hebrew Bible. Told largely in the form of a first-person memoir, it concerns the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem by Nehemiah, a Jew who...

Bible (KJV) 08: Ruth by KING JAMES VERSION (KJV)

This short Old Testament book tells the story of Naomi and Ruth, Naomis daughter-in-law and great-grandmother of King David. (Summary by TriciaG)

Bible (KJV) 15: Ezra by KING JAMES VERSION (KJV)

The Book of Ezra was originally attached as one volume with the Book of Nehemiah. It was first separated from Nehemiah in the Latin Vulgate translation of the Bible. The Book...

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