Akashic Records

Although the definition differs, the Akashic records are known to be a hall or library where the information and wisdom of every soul are kept. Through listening to this...

Record Breakers

I break down any album, old new, hip-hop, rock, down from it's lyrics to it's whole story in the album. For those who don't get the whole story or just like going in depth, this...

Kanzen Records

Kanzen Records is the brainchild of Tshepo Selokela (Kiyo To). The word Kanzen means perfection in Japanese, we are a collection of perfectionist in music. We strive only for the...

Record Rewind

Join hosts Alex Tarantino and Paul Grasso as they journey back in time and take a look back on albums that were influential to them in the past. Will each album still hold up to...

Beardsoup Records

Två skägg kokar ihop musik av ljudklipp som du skickar in. En rolig musikpodd med öppna spjäll och högt till tak. Nytt avsnitt var och varannan söndag! - Den här podden...

Criminal Record

Mad, bad and dangerous to know ... tales from the Scottish criminal underworld

Clubmasters Records

Clubmasters Records - EDM . 1998 -. , . , Clubmasters , . , -.

Binaural Records

Podcast by Binaural Records

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