Ally Loprete

The Power of ONE Woman



Lately, I have been incredibly inspired and deeply moved by the rising sisterhood in our nation. Through the work I have been doing with RISE: Resist, Inspire, Speak, Empower– An Activist/Leader Bootcamp, my involvement with PUSH: People Unwilling to Sit on their Haunches, and the many forward thinking discussions that I’ve been having with women of influence… I’d say… we’re all going to be okay. =) What kind of DRAMATIC IMPACT will you make? As agents of change, we must be willing to acknowledge and call ourselves out on the thoughts we have that limit our ability to evolve. As women, we were conditioned for so long to judge one another. Historically, we have sized one another up and then used these negative belief patterns to tear each other down. It’s now more important than ever that we pay attention to the belief system that we are operating with and be more conscious of our biases. We are at the precipice of CHANGE. I have never been more clear about where we are headed, and I am absolutely thrilled a