Ally Loprete

Woke Men and Daddy Drinks



This is what happens when six actors in Hollywood, give up late night drinks after rehearsal and decide to become fathers. These guys are not experts in fatherhood. Not by a long shot.But somehow they are getting through it… as former drinking buddies do. Their secret? Alcohol, lots of talk about poop and… an ongoing thread on instant messenger. Six dads share an instant messenger thread to share advice, tears, and dirty jokes as they help each other navigate the joyful insanity of fatherhood. One very, very late night, in a state of panic, a new dad reaches out to five of his buddies via instant messenger to ask for advice on being a father. What results is a nonstop stream of consciousness as the Daddy Drinks daddies overshare, gripe, grouse, complain, and offer questionable guidance to one another on how to keep their kids alive and their marriages intact. Daddy Drinks is the real transcript lifted from that messenger thread that shines a comedic light on the idea that almost any man can be a father—bu