Ally Loprete

What does a woman do when she loses everything?



I met Dr. Carol Soloway on a speaking tour last year. We were both on an author’s speaker panel at the San Diego Women’s museum. My first impression of her was that she was a spunky firecracker and she instantly felt like family. You never would have guessed that this positively spirited and joyful woman had endured several miserable marriages and battled cancer. After losing everything we as women hold dear—husband, children, self-worth—she overcame harrowing obstacles and built a seven-figure chiropractic practice. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, wondered whether you could make it, or thought you weren’t worthy of success, you must come to hear her story. You will leave today’s show empowered! On Today’s ShowDr. Carol Soloway will be joining me to talk about her fiction novel: SEX HAPPENS, which strongly parallels the story of her own life, addresses how women cope with loss and trauma, and strongly asks the controversial question, “What is our value if we are not a mother or a wife?” Carol will also