Wellseekers With Lucia

Anxiety in 2020: How to Rise & Comeback to a Mind & Life You Will Love



This year has been challenging on almost every level. Mental Health America has reported an almost 400% increase in people reaching out to use their screening tools for anxiety and depression (https://screening.mhanational.org/); and the anxiety that has been created seems to be intensifying and augmenting. So what can we do? Join Lucia and her guest Sharon Lawrence, LCSW and therapist for therapists, professionals and couples, as we start on our series on Anxiety in 2020: How to rise & comeback to a mind and life you love, even in the face of all of this adversity! We can't wait to start this conversation! For more about Sharon find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest @MySelahWellness and visit his website https://myselahwellness.com/ Find Us on Social @WellSeekersFollow Lucia on Instagram @LuciaNazz WellSeekers is great for mental health, holistic well being, stress, anxiety, self care, relationships, healing, growing, connecting, love, and life.