Keeping Shop: A Brick And Mortar Podcast

Second Round: Going With Your Gut - Debi Beard of Debi's Design Diary



**I'm re-releasing this episode because it gave me actual chills while I was recording it. And made me cry. It's a good one. New Episode releases on October 29th. ** Today I'm speaking with Debi Beard, owner of Debi's Design Diary in Solana Beach, CA. In the brick and mortar game for over 20 years, Debi is also the star of her own YouTube channel, the creator of her own chalk paint brand, DIY Paint Company and the founder of the DIY Bootcamp which is a 3-day intensive program that helps shopkeepers run their businesses. Sure, Debi is super successful, but it wasn't always easy. As you'll hear in the episode, getting to this point took some major time and even more than time, it took grit. Debi's stories (she's got a ton!) illustrate her truly remarkable process; from selling Christmas ornaments to moving back in with her parents to reaching millions of views on YouTube. In listening to the finished episode (yes, I listen to every one before it goes live) I was re-struck by Debi's tenacity and her flat