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Live performances and interviews with 8bc members.


  • 8bc Open Mic Podcast episode #4

    8bc Open Mic Podcast episode #4


    Our featured artist this time is Bitmuch!http://milkcrate.com.au/silreq/8bcopenmic/8bcopenmic_episode4.mp3for more info on her goto:http://www.8bitcollective.com/members/bitmuch/also:http://myspace.com/mmmmarciamore from bitmuch at:http://shedcore.com/also check out her ska/reggae/dub band "the skints" at:http://myspace.com/theskintsukToday we have our first female chip-musician to perform on the "8bc open mic podcast". Bitmuch brings us a raga chip dnb set that will get anyone out of their chair, so be careful if you are listening to this while operating heavy equipment. We begin by asking the age ol' question "How necessary are the dreads?", then violence erupts over an incident involving "Goldie", but the the rage is quelled by Bitmuch's superb set, and a little help from mother nature. So grab a spliff, tuck in, and try not to "fall off your dinosaur". . .As always we are looking for live sets, for guidelines on submitting goto:http://www.8bitcollective.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=8633and we are also look

  • Robots Mix Tape vol. 1

    Robot's Mix Tape vol. 1


    So if you listened to the last episode of the "8bc open mic podcast" then you heard Robot mentioning getting his own radio show. Essentially I told him no, and the next morning he shows up with a bunch of lawyers. . . Apparently robots have rights, and I was told that I would be sued for psychological damages and that charges would be brought for violating about 4 labor laws, and that the use of the word "t**ster" in reference to Robot's grandmother, is considered a hate crime. . . Wow . . .so Robot got his radio show, but he still has to ask ME permission to use My computer. . .podcast link:http://milkcrate.com.au/silreq/8bcopenmic/rbtmxtp/rbtmx1.mp3Robot wrote:"THIS IS MUSIC YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING TO ALREADY!IF NOTTHEN HAVE FUN BEING A LOSERDOWNLOAD - LISTEN - NOWAND REMEMBERHUMANS STOLE CHIPMUSIC FROM ROBOTSI'M OUT BITCHES"credits:waxinwary - monkyz ninja9000 - Ninja Caravan Dj Jo Quaid 5 - hazey shade of quaidJT - Clamwank2mister beep - digital worldgoferboy - Ataxic DiscoSally zero - mistMr. Spastic - I

  • 8bc Open Mic Podcast episode #3 (special guest little-scale)

    8bc Open Mic Podcast episode #3 (special guest little-scale)


    Our featured artist this time is none other than "little-scale"!!!http://milkcrate.com.au/silreq/8bcopenmic/8bcopenmic_Episode3.mp3for more info on him goto:http://www.8bitcollective.com/members/little-scale/or his real website (make sure to check out the Tomczak-centric Links):http://little-scale.blogspot.com/or his vegan recipe site:http://thisisnotgourmet.blogspot.com/info on milkcrates:http://www.milkcrate.com.au/iswhat.htmla very special milkcrate (Of Daedalus):http://www.milkcrate.com.au/sessions-details-019.htmlWe are priviliged to hear an absolutely bad-ass set by little-scale, which he performed live using a GBA SP with nanoloop 2.3 and a midified Sega Megadrive (a.k.a. genesis) played with a keyboard. The episode begins with me explaining why certain chiptune artists names confuse me, then little-scale makes Robot cry. And we end the show with some superb one channel craziness. So open a jar of vegemite, grab some ticks of toast, and get ready for a real treat!!!and as always we are looking for live

  • 8bc Open Mic Podcast episode #2

    8bc Open Mic Podcast episode #2


    Our featured artist this time is "Godinpants" a.k.a. "Doginpants"http://milkcrate.com.au/silreq/8bcopenmic/8bc_open_mic_Episode_2.mp3for more info on him goto:http://www.8bitcollective.com/members/godinpants/also:http://www.godinpants.com/!!!warning!!! site above may cause dain bramage. . .This time "Godinpants" brings us an improvised nanoloop breakcoresque poodle swooning set, not to mention it was controlled and triggered using a bent toy guitar. We begin by debating the pluses and minuses of an ass-beard. Robot is a bit on the angry side because of a close encounter with a goat. . .err sheep actually, and we end the episode with some fake gabba, so have a listen and respect yer goat. . .As always we are looking for live sets, for guidelines on submitting goto:http://www.8bitcollective.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=8633and we are also looking for your intros:http://www.8bitcollective.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=9610Credits for this episode:Beware - for introGodinpants - for live setArottenbit - for outrosilr

  • 8bc Open Mic Podcast episode #1

    8bc Open Mic Podcast episode #1


    At last the 1st episode of the "8bc open mic" podcast is now available for download.http://milkcrate.com.au/silreq/8bcopenmic/8bc_open_mic_episode_1.mp3Our featured artist this time is "microchip" for more info on him goto:http://www.8bitcollective.com/members/microchip/also:http://www.myspace.com/microchiptunesand:http://microchip.bandcamp.mu/Now I will apologize ahead of time for us, you see when this was recorded microchip was sick, I was sick, and the robot. . .well he's just a c*ck-smoker that made things difficult as usual. . . So I apologize now for not being able to understand some of the things we are saying, a bit stuffy sounding you see.Also this show needs an intro, something 30sec to around a minute. I will leave this open to any 8bc members that wish to contribute and I will switch them as often as I get ones that I like. I would like to use a different one for each episode.I hope you enjoy this episode enough that you will send in your own live submissions.for info on submission rules and proce