Dan Dan & Ann Ann Podcast



Beard and No Beard


  • Gold, Blood, and Gin – Brought to you by Black Sweatpants and the Concept Of Pizza


    This week on Dan Dan and Ann Ann we are joined by “The Concept of Pizza”, share our music picks of the week, play an interview guessing game with Matthew Baron, play one question, and more!

  • Thermostat Bitch


    This week on Dan Dan & Ann Ann we catch up about our exciting panini lives, things we’re creating and doing, Anna talks about a thermostat related dream, we share music and media picks of the moment and play one question!

  • Spyfell


    This week Dan Dan and Ann Ann are joined by Rachel to follow up on our good/bad/worst advice from a few weeks ago, we play Spyfall, one question, and more.

  • It’s fun to have a little play place to come


    On this very special 4th anniversary episode of DDAAA we reminisce, take listener questions, check on Anna’s baking chicken, and much more!

  • Stationary Bike Go!


    This week’s episode of Dan Dan and Ann Ann we are joined by Matthew Baron, we compare injuries, encourage Danielle in her fitness goals, play “Good, Bad, Worst” and play One Question.

  • How many birds?!


    This week Dan Dan and Ann Ann catch up, talk about how many birds they’ve seen, compare the joys and sorrows of working from home, and play one question.

  • A Very DanDan & Ann Ann Christmas


    This week on Dan Dan & Ann Ann, we are joined by guests of episodes past to talk about Christmas and end of year highlights, share songs and poems, and are visited by special guest and episode sponsor Daddy Christmas.

  • Love is Love and Sugar is Sugar


    This week’s episode is JUST FOR BREANNA, everyone else please be respectful of that. We are joined by Jonas to talk about the new TSwift album “evermore” for a very long time. Enjoy Breanna!

  • Chairs.cum


    On this exciting episode Dan Dan and Ann Ann catch up, talk about music picks of the week, snacks, play one question and more! Sponsored by Chairs.cum

  • Twihard Opinions 2: The Airing of Grievances


    This week Jacqueline is back for the second part of our analysis of Midnight Sun, we air some grievances, play one question, and more.