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The PM Podcast is a show dedicated to dealing with real world issues for real world people. Join Pat and Matt as they dive in deep, real deep, and dissect your real world issues for practical and logical solutions. Ask them a question, submit a topic or just tune in and listen to a few interesting perspectives on life, love and everything in-between. The PM Podcast, a whale of a show.BiographyPat grew up in the Twin Cities. A bone once died in his hand and he had to have surgery. Pat played baseball for the Hightower Hooters Senior Babe Ruth team. He later managed the team until his coaching ethics were brought into question, to which opted to resign rather than subject his family to the turmoil that would have certainly followed. Pat later went on to college, where he met Matt. Pat once dressed up as a campfire for Halloween. His friends once threw a party in his honor called Pat-A-Palooza. He serves as commissioner for a fantasy football league and is really good at science. He enjoys the movie Garden State.Matt grew up in central Minnesota. He once attempted the cinnamon challenge and dressed as a garden gnome for Halloween. Matt tends to be scatterbrained, drawing ire from his mother. Matt met Pat in college. Pat has been one of the few that is patient with Matt's forgetful tendancies. Matt enjoys listening to Enya, Ellie Goulding and Moby. He has read the entire Harry Potter series. No one ever threw Matt a party in his honor and some of his friends routinely forget his birthday.